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Deer Hunt - Online Battle - app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 9648 ratings )
Games Action
Developer: SIMS CO.,LTD.
Current version: 1.3, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 20 Jul 2016
App size: 178.74 Mb

** Battle with other players around the world! **
** Play with friends or other players in multiplayer mode! **
** Aim for the top world rank! **

** Game Outline **
Easy to learn and play

Just swipe the screen to aim and shoot deer as many as possible you can before the time runs out.

Get a good result and post the screenshot on the social network to make your friends envy!

** 3 types of weapon: rifle, submachine gun and shotgun **

Rifle: Slow but accurate. Aim at the head for a headshot score bonus.
Submachine gun: harder to aim one by one than the rifle but good as rapid firing.
Shotgun(Special): Large effective area. Can easily do a group kill but has a poor range.

Please read the note below how you can get the shotgun!

** Types of Deer **
Doe: A normal female deer. There are lots of this kind of deer. Headshot score=100 bodyshot=50
Buck: A male deer. Run very fast. Headshot score=350 bodyshot=200
White Buck: Continuously kill any deer by headshot. The white buck will appear!! This is fastest deer in the game. Kill it for the shotgun.
Fawn: A baby deer always follow its mother. Shooting a fawn is prohibited by law(of the game)

** World Ranking **

Get a good score. Beat other players in the world ranking mode.
The more you practice, the more chance of higher rank you could be in the top 10 rank of players.
The name of the top 10 rank of players are viewable on the scoreboard in the game. Is your name there?

** Multiplayer mode **

Open a private room to play with your friends or a public room to play with other players.

** Advices **

・Kill deer by headshot to release the white buck then kill the white buck to get the shotgun.
・If you do not kill the white buck in time, he will run away.
・Do a group kill with the shotgun for extra score.
・Share the game on the Facebook for a special bonus, let play together!!